Second semester

Hello everyone!

it’s now March, I know I haven’t been writing for a couple of month. Second semester started with new classes, new teachers, new classmates…but I better start where I finished last time, so the rest of the first semester. My classes were really good and the subjects interesting. We had a few more projects to do in fashion, like making a dress out of a pillow case, sewing a little cosmetic bag with a zipper or recycling a piece of clothing to make something totally different (for example I made a dress out of a skirt). Usually we have an exam in every class at the end of the semester, but not in fashion. Instead, we could choose a final project. I made a handbag which turned out really nice. In music, we beasically just practiced new songs on our instrument. In this class we also had no exam, just a final playing test. In math, we had an exam, but that was easy. I was done after about one hour. In cooking we also had an exam. It wasn’t that easy but it was ok. Our last unit after soups was sandwiches. It surprised me, what things you can all learn about sandwiches and that there is actually a technique for making a high number of sandwiches…and then there is my favorite subject english… yeah…the exam was probably the hardest one. We had to write an essay and answer questions to three types of texts in just 2 3/4 hours! Our marks on all the exams weren’t on our report card, but I also didn’t ask. I knew I passed all my classes and that was good. My report card was pretty good I think.

But that was enough to my classes. There was also a lot going on beside school. At the beginning of december was at school the „art week“ which involved a music concert, an improv / dance show, a fashion show and the drama plays. It was a busy week for me, since I was involved in the concert, the fashion show and the drama. But it was really much fun. In the concert were the choirs, vocal ensemble, the school bands and lots more. The fashion show was organized by my fashion class. I was together was lots others a model. It was the first time, that the school did a fashion show, but evrything went good a lots of people were coming. We had the theme of „fashion through the ages“, where we did a project on earlier. We had dresses from 1920 to 2000. The music teacher was our DJ and played music from that time period. After we had a little snack with desserts, the cooking classes made, so I basically baked for myself. We also baked for the drama plays. The plays were lots of fun and we had great audiences. And of course, desserts after. Besides of that we had the Christmas Dance at school. Everybody looked really elegant in dresses and suits. It was fun.

Of course Debbie, who organizes every kinds of activities for the exchange students, did a lot of things and trips with us. We did a trip to Quebec City in November for three days. We stayed in a hotel with pool, where we could swim in the evening. We did some shopping (or a lot of shopping 😉 ), but also visited the old city and the area around Quebec. One day we also went to a hockey game. When winter finally started (and oh my god we get a lot of snow here) we did some winter activities like skating, skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and hopefully one day also dog sledding (it was already cancelled two times).

The winter here is still not over. Through the whole time we got quite a lot of snow days (what means, school is cancelled, because of snow storms). That was nice though right now we have lots of snow. I just took a picture today, where the snow wall next to our driveway is even higher than me. When we get snow storms, we often get like at least 20-30 cm of snow. Sometimes, I can’t even get out of the house, because there is just too much snow in the driveway. It’s really crazy with the snow here. But the snow days are making it better 😉

At the end of January, we had a multicultural supper in the youth center here in Bathurst. Every host family and exchange student had to bring two meals, one the favorite dish from their home country and one from their new favorite canadien dish. This supper was also to say farewell and goodbye to the exchange students who left in January/February, like the chinese students and the brazilien students. Though most of the exchange students stayed for the rest of the year. In february, we also got four new international students, three from China and one from Korea.

Second semester started in February. I have now new classes. After some changes I now have music (vocal), pre-calculus (which is math) and music (rock band) in the morning and after lunch same as in first semester cooking and english. This time I’m taking cooking grade 11, because I can’t take the same class twice in a year (I took cooking grade 12 last semester). My classes are lots of fun. In my first music class, singing, it’s probably easy to find out what we’re doing. We sing, but also worked on a project, where we had to create a commercial. In my other music class, music rock band, I play keybourd and learn new songs there. Math is easy. We’re working on rational equations at the moment. In cooking we are baking. We already did pancakes, bisquits, cinnamon rolls, an apple loaf and a lime cheesecake (because it was Saint Patricks Day yesterday). In english, I got a new teacher, I don’t know why. It’s my homeroom teacher. She is pretty nice. For the whole term (a term is half of a semester), we are doing something that’s called „independent novel study“. We have to read a novel, make annotations, write an essay about it and do a presentation. Most of the time, we are just reading the whole class, but right now we have to write the essay.

Of course, I still do activities outside of school or classes. I’m still doing choir, vocal ensemble and concert band, but not drama. That’s because of the musical production. We started rehersing for the musical, so there is no time for drama anymore. This year the musical is „The Addams Family“. Since I’m an international student, I’m just an ensemble member, who just sings and dances. But it’s still lots of fun. After the shows of the musical, the drama will start rehersing again for the drama festival, which takes place in Fredericton (capital of New Brunswick) in may. In may is also the New York Trip. Every member of the music or art department had the possibility of going one week to New York, and of course, I’m doing that too.

Ok, that was a lot. But that was evrything for now. Bye, Luisa