Hello again

Hey everyone,

I know it is a long time ago I wrote something but now I think I have to. It is now beginning of November, a few days after Halloween. Halloween is a bigger celebration here than in Germany. Lots of pumpkin carving, decorations and lots of people going around for „Trick or treat“ (also „older“ people in my age!). Although, I didn’t go. Halloween is nothing for me and I have enough sweets at home 😉

School is now part of my allday life. I take the bus in the morning, because it is getting colder. Four days after school I walk home, because I have something after school and the bus just drives at one time. But is is ok, as long as I have a warm jacket.

My classes are all very interesting and I learn a lot of new and very useful things (like cooking or working with sewing maschines.  At the moment, we are working on aprons in my Fashion class, and before that, we made cellphone cases. I added a picture. In music, we basically just work on different songs like Jingle Bells at the moment. I tried out Bass Guitare and it is really fun. Math is easy. We just finished quadratic functions and relations and are starting now with geometry. We have a lot of tests there like nearly every week or second week! But it is okay. In Culinary Tech or short just cooking, we finished our unit „soups“. We made lots of very delicious soups and of course tasted them. This ia always the best part of the class 😉 I also made some of the recipes our teacher gives us at home. In Englisch, my last class of the day, we worked with two poems and wrote an essay about them. After that we started with a drama and also watched the film. It was about a jury, which has to decide over the guilt of the defendant. At the beginning, I thought it would be boring, but it was really interesting. Ok, I think that was everything to classes.

Beside the school, I also have drama, where I play a cat, Band (I play Bass Guitare), Girls Choir and Vokal Ensemble (this is something like a mixed choir). I decided not to join the dancing club. And there is also the musical. The rehersals didn’t started yet, but I already know, which part I will play. 3 Weeks ago, there  were auditions for the major roles, but I didn’t get the role I auditioned for. Now I play something like a minor role, who just sings and dances (who has no text). The musical name is „The addams family“ and will take place in april. Then there are also my dancing classes Jazz and Lyrical, which I have not in school. After a first class, I decided not to do Hip-Hop, because I wanted to try something new. I really love my classes and it is lot of fun there with some people I already know from school.

At the weekend, Debbie (host coordinator) always do something with us, whether is is hiking, pumpkin carving, watching a speed car race, canoeing or just go swimming. In 2 weeks we are going to Quebec City for three days. I’m really excited, because I know already a little bit of this city and I know how beautiful is is. We will miss two school days, which is also good 😉 I’m just joking, school is really cool. My friends in Germany had autumn holiday, but me not. But it ok, I don’t need holiday already.

If I have some time, I do something with my ost mum. Today we were at a christmas bazar and atfter that we did some lookaround at a few stands at the mall here. Under the week, I help her in the kitchen or in the garden, but I don’t have much time, because I normally come from school at 5 p.m. and then it is already supper time. Sometimes, I help her with her online german lessons 🙂 But films we still watch in English, of course. Sunday morning, we always go to church together.

Ok I think this is enough for today. Bye, Luisa 🙂