After first school week


I finally arrived at school. One day I made my course selection (before school started). I choosed for first semster Fashion Tech, Music, Math, PE and English. For second semsester, I choosed Singing, Hosp&Tourism, Music, Theatre and English. The first school day (Tuesday) was Boomerang Day, so first school day for Grade 9 and International Students.We did some games to meet each other and have fun. Our leaders showed us the school. some teachers were also there. We searched our rooms and met our teachers (if they were there).

Wednesday was first school day for the rest of the students. At first period, all students met in the Auditorium, were the director said some things. That took so much time, that we had just 10 minutes for our „normal“ first period. We got papers, were the units were on. In Fashion Tech, we lean, how to use the sewing maschine and other great stuff. After that, I had Music. We talked about some instruments we can learn in this class and made our choice, what we want to learn. Then, I had math. This year, we will learn some things about linear equations (what I had in class 6 or 7). It was very easy. After third period, we have a period called study block. There, we can make homework or read a book. Then I had lunch. After lunch I had PE. It wasn’t very interesting, so I changed my schedule to Chemistry. At the end of the day, I had English. We interpreted some pics. Then, school was already finished and I went home.

The next two days were also very interesting. I changed my schedule one more time from chemistry to cooking, because chemistry was boring and the teacher was a little bit strange…But cooking was great. I signed in at some clubs at school, like girls choir, Vokal Ensemble, the school band, the dancing class and drama.

Today, Debbie, our host coordinator, met us (me and the other international students) at K.C. Irving, an arena. There were some representives of clubs in Bathurst. I looked up for some dancing classes like jazz and hip-hop. Tomorrow, we will go canoeing.

This was all for this time. Bye, Luisa 🙂